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test experience with the power of AI

A fully customizable AI-powered proctoring and assessment solution that helps recruiters, test delivery platforms, and learning content providers to focus on what matters the most - Success!

A smart assessment ecosystem

Test Maverick empowers you to take control of your assessments with a comprehensive suite of AI-powered solutions.
Test Monitor

Test Monitor

AI-powered proctoring

  • Auto proctoring and AI-assisted live proctoring
  • Auto flagging suspicious behavior
  • Smart recommendations and dynamic watchlist
Test Shield

Test Shield

Secure test taking

  • Comprehensive system check
  • Automated identity verification
  • Real-time behavior alerts
Test Evaluator

Test Evaluator

LLM-assisted grading

  • AI-powered objective evaluation
  • Advanced plagiarism detection
  • Auto-evaluation and assistive scoring rubrics
Test Genie

Test Genie

Effortless content creation

  • AI-powered test generation
  • Automated question authoring
  • Actionable options for customization

Make Test Maverick your own

Build your personalized ecosystem with our customizable resources

Standalone platform

Get a complete assessment solution with a custom user interface aligning perfectly with your brand.

Seamless integration

Integrate specific functionalities from our product into your existing platform seamlessly using SDKs.

Custom solution foundation

Use Test Maverick as the foundation for building your own unique solution with expert support.

Unlock the Test Maverick advantage

Curious about what to expect next? We've got you covered.
Contact us today and discover how Test Maverick can revolutionize your assessments.
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Discover the boundless possibilities of Test Maverick

From secure assessments to personalized learning tools,
Test Maverick empowers its diverse users with
AI-powered solutions.
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