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KeplerNG helps bridge the technology learning gap.
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Build better user-first training and onboarding experiences

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Create step-by-step Simulations and In-app guides effortlessly with KeplerNG's Intelligent Capture feature. Simply perform the task, and KeplerNG generates training instructions automatically.

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Fine-tune your guides with custom instructions, descriptions, and pop-ups. Tag content in multiple languages and create training tailored to your learners.

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Empower your users to learn as they perform tasks with KeplerNG's in-app guides. Seamlessly guide users through onboarding and help them achieve their desired goals faster.

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Create real-like simulations of any cloud-based application with KeplerNG. Provide your learners with a risk-free environment to practice and build their skills before granting them access to live applications.

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Publish to the cloud, download guides for offline support, or set up training on any LMS via popular formats like LTI or SCORM.

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Unlock the full potential of your software applications with KeplerNG's seamless adoption support.
Productive Teams
Happy Customers
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Productive Teams

• Enhance employee productivity
• Reduce costs
• Increase training efficiency

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Happy Customers

• Accelerate user onboarding
• Improve engagement
• Enhance customer experience

Enabling rapid digital transformation across domains

KeplerNG is a multi-industry solution that provides domain-agnostic impact, empowering individuals and teams to overcome digital adoption hurdles and achieve their software competence goals.