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Revolutionize how you tackle software competence with KEPLER Simulation Technology
  1. Teach
    1. Coach students in technical and vocational skills like coding and computing
    2. Train allied health professionals, clerical and technical staff in core business applications
    3. Guide teams in product engineering, media production and project management applications
    4. Make workforce proficient in ERP software, CRM, and SCM Systems
    5. Deliver standardized high-fidelity interactive end-user support and customer service for bundled software applications
  2. Reinforce
    1. Augment workforce skills and increase efficiency for enhanced business performance
    2. Maximize return of investment in large-scale software application rationalization
    3. Minimize deployment risks, operational inefficiencies and error rates
    4. Provide fast and uniform training for multilingual and distributed teams unlike any traditional classroom training
  3. Certify
    1. Verify job-ready skills and software expertise at recruitment
    2. Validate skill proficiency for access to live programs
    3. Standardize business processes for compliance and quality management
    4. Certify current and accurate training at a granular level
    5. Measure learner progress with closely tracked reports
  4. Analyze
    1. Test MVP acceptance before commencing full-scale development
    2. Gain data-driven insight to steer continuous improvement decisions
    3. Monitor and analyze user interaction to recognize trends
    4. Identify ideal features and eliminate wasteful development costs
    5. Track content use for ongoing data quality improvements
    6. Recognize common stumbling blocks and trouble spots
Examples of how KEPLER is being used today
Excel Simulation Scratchpad
The Scratchpad is a light-weight simulation of an Excel spreadsheet. It can be used to make calculations and as a quick, simple data analysis tool. It can also be used to create system-evaluated activities for students.
Stratasim: Microsoft Word and Excel Training & Assessment
Powered by KEPLER Technology, Stratasim ( is a high fidelity, cloud-based simulation training and interactive assessment platform for Microsoft Office. It can be accessed on the PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablet on any HTML5 browsers. Since it is web-based, no installations or updates are required, and users are always running the most recent version of the product. The Stratasim portal is seamlessly integrated with an LMS also built by Zeus. It tracks, times and evaluates all user actions, and grades their work on-the-fly to provide detailed performance reports that let users know where they stand instantaneously.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Simulation for Training & Assessment
EMR applications serve as digital repositories of electronic health records. The simulation training powered by KEPLER is targeted at medical assistants and hospital administrative staff, who can work with documents, navigate menus, open dialog boxes, and perform step-by-step training activities that simulate typical day-to-day workflows such as entering patient information, searching for patients, scheduling appointments, and so on. The simulation can be launched in the Training mode, with audio-visual hints, solutions, and supplementary learning material; or in the Assessment mode, where users' skills can be automatically assessed by the system.