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At Zeus we have a vision of where we want to go, and it's really exciting and heady. Would you like to be part of that vision?

Would you like to work in a stimulating environment that constantly challenges you ... In a place where having fun is as important as work ... Are you able to work well under tight deadlines and rapidly changing priorities? Reliable? Able to manage multiple tasks? Goal oriented? Read on!

We are currently recruiting for the positions mentioned below. If you are interested, please write to mentioning the job code, along with your latest and detailed resume.

Content Author
Content Editor
Graphic Designer
Instructional Designer
Senior Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Quality Engineer

Content Author (Code: CA)
You are a content author, or have the potential to be one, who can write content for e-learning projects. You are a Math/Science graduate with excellent writing skills and an ability to write concisely for the Web. You can analyze complex content and write engagingly to help people learn online. You have an exceptional eye for detail and believe that crossing the t's and dotting the i's is as important as the content of the sentence itself. You believe that the best writing is always simple, clear and concise.

You are required to analyze the subject matter, do research and write compelling content. The content should be rich in instructional value, should relate to the users and should be motivating to go through. You can manage very aggressive deadlines and recognize that quality must always exist no matter how tight the schedule.

Role Description
• Research and collate content
• Develop instructional strategy
• Collaborate with programmers to develop templates
• Write scripts and storyboards
• Create practice and assessment questions
• Work with graphic artists to develop visual elements
• Review final course prior to delivery

• Math/Science graduate
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential.
• Analytical ability
• Creative thinking ability
• Strong problem-solving skills
• Strong collaboration, teamwork skills
• Lots of initiative, willing to learn new skills and apply them
• Superior attention to detail and follow-through
• Familiarity with Microsoft Office
• Exposure to Web based tools and technologies
• Prior experience is preferred but not essential

Location: Mumbai, India
Content Editor (Code: CE)
You have experience in editing, designing and creating self-paced, interactive instructional content. E-learning experience is a definite plus. You have experience in reviewing work from other authors for content, language and age appropriateness.

As a content editor you are expected to understand the client requirements, the target audience profile and the scope of the project. You will work with the Project Manager and other teams to determine what needs to be created, when it needs to be completed, and what resources will be required to get it done on time and with quality. You will define the training needs of the team members, be responsible for their training and their final output.

You will know ahead of time if a schedule is at risk, and will know how and with whom to communicate-be it another editor, or the project manager--to get the issue resolved in a timely manner without compromising quality or schedule. You have had experience managing very aggressive deadlines and will recognize that quality must always exist no matter how tight the schedule.

Role Description
• Lead small teams 2-5 content authors and edit their work to ensure that
  deliverables are always on time and of the highest quality.
• Define appropriate development process, increasing productivity and efficiency.
• Review all work from the authors, assuring content, language and quality,
  and making sure that necessary changes take place and appropriate training
  and feedback is provided to the authors.
• Communicate with all team members to ensure that the team has everything
  they need to be successful.
• Meet on a regular basis with the team to determine status of deliverables.
• Proactively identify issues and concerns that could impact schedule and/or
• Grow and train a high-performance development team.
• Align career goals and objectives of the team members with organizational
• Responsible for all deliverables, both your own, and the team you lead.

• Exceptional skills in written communication
• Copy editing skills
• Ability to do research in new subject areas
• Ability to train people
• Excellent listening, facilitation, mentoring and advisory skills.
• Ability to handle deadlines and responsibility
• Ability to act as a mentor to the team members
• Exceptional people management skills
• Ability to multi-task
• Strong analytical skills
• Familiarity with process related international standards (ISO/SEI) and
  emerging e-learning standards (AICC/SCORM) will be an added advantage
• Good understanding of technology
• 2-4 years of experience

Location: Mumbai, India
Graphic Designer (Code: GD)
You have an exceptional sense of design, layout, color and usability, with a portfolio to prove it. You have expert knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop. You recognize the importance of detail in design, and have a very sharp eye for spotting even the smallest lapses in quality and detail, and are able to address those issues quickly so that they don't impact the schedule.

Role Description
• Design appropriate graphic user interface
• Generate design standards for production
• Develop templates
• Create demos and prototypes
• Address usability issues
• Work with the content development team
• Review final screen designs for design integrity and feasibility

• Proficiency in illustration
• Proficiency in some of the software packages like Dreamweaver, 3-D Studio
  Max, Photoshop and Illustrator
• Familiarity with navigation and instructional design
• Knowledge of current and future visual design trends as well as technologies,
  services and products
• Graduate degree/diploma in Applied/Fine Art, or Computer Art
• At least two years of design experience

Location: Mumbai, India
Instructional Designer (Code: ID)
You will work with subject matter experts to design and create e-learning solutions. You will help create instructional strategies, design and author course content, and work closely with a number of in-house teams including project managers, content editors and authors, graphic designers and multimedia specialists. You have a strong ability to assess content design approaches and make effective content design decisions given the course parameters. You have experience in creating instructional plans and course maps.

Role Description
• Generate highly interactive and innovative instructional strategies for e-learning
• Develop course structure and learning specifications addressing the requirements
  of the target audience
• Construct appropriate testing strategies to ensure learners' understanding
  and performance
• Address usability issues
• Keep abreast of new trends in e-learning
• Ensure that the instructional strategies are as per global standards
• Prepare instructional design checklists and guidelines
• Check for quality assurance

• Experience in the use of media like graphics, illustrations, photographs,
  audio, video, animations, and simulations in instruction
• Awareness of different instructional design models and familiarity with
  instructional and learning theories
• Awareness of latest trends in e-learning and instructional design
• Strong client consulting/interfacing skills. Ability to guide clients
  to focus on specific objectives and teaching points.
• Strong meeting facilitation, presentation and interpersonal skills.
• A thorough understanding of the Web as an instructional medium.
• Post graduate degree in Education, Instructional Design, Mass Communication
  or Journalism
• At least one year experience in Instructional Design

Location: Mumbai, India
Senior Software Engineer (Code: SSE)

Work experience of 2 to 5 years.


➤ Extensive hands-on experience in -
      • JavaScript with HTML5, CSS3 and use of libraries like jQuery
      • MVC frameworks like Backbone/Marionette or Angular or Ember
      • Bootstrap
➤ Familiarity with -
      • Server side technologies like .Net, PHP
      • Unix environment
➤ Excellent communication and documentation skills
➤ Ability to work in multifunctional teams

Location: Mumbai, India
Software Engineer (Code: SE)

Work experience of up to 2 years.


• Good logical and problem solving skills
• Knowledge of object oriented programming concepts
• Excellent communication and documentation skills
• Knowledge of JavaScript with HTML5, CSS3 and use of libraries like jQuery would be an added   advantage

Location: Mumbai, India
Software Quality Engineer (Code: SQE)

Work experience of up to 2 years.


➤ Good logical and problem solving ability
➤ Strong verbal and written communication skills
➤ Excellent documentation skills
➤ Experience in -
      • Testing web-based applications
      • Creating and executing test cases
      • Creating test scenarios and test data
      • Automated testing tools, like Selenium WebDriver

Location: Mumbai, India
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